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Inspirem Rus LLC has become a member of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce

The Russian-German Chamber (Kammer Russland) of Commerce represents the interests of German companies in Russia and Russian companies in Germany. At the moment, in the COC consist of about 1000 member companies, it is the largest foreign business association in Russia.

There is an Interview with Georgy Gubanov for the "Morning Briefing" of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce.

What does your company do?

Inspirem Rus LLC is a private project management and design company (EPCM, Engineering Procurement Construction Management), which specializes in realization of the construction projects in industrial and related markets.

We offer to our clients a highly qualified services in the B2B sector at all stages of the investment cycle in construction projects, from the concept development and implementation strategy to the integration of technological solutions and detailed design, management of construction companies and equipment suppliers, coordination of commissioning and other composes of successful project management.

What is your company’s connection to Germany?

Many employees of the company "Inspirem Rus" had previously worked in German companies and command of several foreign languages. Our internal quality and compliance system is based on German standards and practices. Our portfolio of projects has a significant proportion of projects completed for international customers, including companies from Germany.

Why did you join the Kammer Russland?

We share the values of the largest international companies, such as commitment to the spirit of partnership and mutual understanding, streamlined internal control processes and priority to the safety, ethics and ecology.

We maintain communication with our key customers, among which there are many German companies, who located production in Russia.

For us, Kammer Russland is a platform for communicating with customers and partners, as well as an opportunity to preserve our identity.