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NEBOSH certification

On February 16, the positive results of the exam on the international certification program NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health), which was passed by Vladimir Ivanov - Head of Occupational Safety and Health Service of Inspirem Rus, became known. Vladimir studied at Inter Knowledge Solutions Institute, Kazakhstan.

"The training became for me not only a professional step up, expanding the horizon of knowledge and skills, but also an opportunity to get acquainted and exchange experience and contacts with colleagues - HSE managers, HSE directors - from other countries, to learn interesting approaches to some things, - said Vladimir. - I am sure that this certificate, recognized worldwide, will deservedly add to the image of our Company in the eyes of our Clients and partners."

Based on the information received during the training, Vladimir plans to organize a number of internal trainings at Inspirem. "Knowledge, skills, as well as experience, should not belong to one person, but should be available to all and applied by all - this is the key to our success in the market" - he emphasized