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Industry Conference on Construction

On June 19, Georgy Gubanov, CEO of Inspirem Rus LLC, took part in the Industry Conference on Construction of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce.

The conference program included three panel discussions:
- The current state of the construction industry in Russia;
- Innovation and Personnel in the Construction Industry;
- Digitalization & Sustainable Development of the Construction Industry.

Georgy spoke as an expert on the topic "Digitalization & Sustainable Development of the Construction Industry".

According to Georgy, the level of digitalization of the construction sector in Russia can be rated 5 out of 10. Things are better in the design sector, many companies have already switched to BIM approach, although the share of 2D design is still very high. Things are worse on the construction site: there are interesting advanced technologies, but not many companies do implement them. In most cases, digitalization is limited to electronic document flow. The instability in the market of IT solution providers adds to the complexity. After Autodesk's departure, the digitalization sphere has staggered, and when and how exactly it will stabilize is not clear."

"Inspirem Rus is actively implementing digital solutions in its production processes. At the design stage, all Design Chapters, except for the master plan, are developed in 3D. In addition, we use 4D and 5D technologies to monitor project construction schedule and budget at the construction stage. At the construction site we use an electronic document flow, and at some sites we perform aerial photography. At existing facilities, we either carry out 3D scanning or raise 3D model based on the existing drawings, in order to work on the development of design documentation for expansion or reconstruction immediately in 3D”.